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Middle School Visual Arts description: 6th grade

This semester long course is divided into two quarters primarily. The first quarter begins with establishing a foundational understanding of what art is and the terms used to describe art. These terms are called the Elements and Principles of Art and Design. All students must bring their sketchbooks and a pencil to class everyday. Each day we will read about, discuss, watch videos about, and practice making art focusing on a new element of art, and then the principles of art after that. 

Once all Elements and Principles have been learned, we will move on to our art making segment of the course. You will learn how to draw from life, called observational art, and then how to engage your imagination too! Later in the second quarter, a major project will be completed with a focus on a non drawing and painting method of art in the form of linoleum block printing, fiber art, digital art, or even a clay project. The final project medium (what art supply is used to make it) is based on the logical progression of ideas and includes a popular vote to promote engagement and excitement.


Band is a year long course that students must sign up for in 6th grade and continue through 8th. Band is for any and every child that wants to be successful at it. If your child wants to learn, I will teach them to be successful. Band does not always work out for everyone, but the vast majority of our students are very successful. Most students are far more successful than many parents initially expect. However, some students may find the class to be hard work. Just like any sports team we will work together to make a successful and amazing music together. 

6th grade is the only time students can join the band. Students who are interested in joining band, in 7th or 8th grade, will be required to take private lessons to get caught up with the rest of the ensemble.See the link to hear testimonies from parents and students about being in band. Students can also view videos on what each instrument sounds like. https://www.bepartofthemusic.org/bpotb/index.html


In this class you learn how to read and perform music through singing.  Chorus is a group singing class that will require students to practice and perform music as a group.  Sometimes there are chances to sing solo or by oneself, but the majority of our time is singing with the group.  We will also learn Concert Etiquette, Beginning Basic Music Reading and Writing Skills, Vocal Health, Listening Skills, Sight Reading Skills, Music History and Singing Skills.  The class will perform in at least one concert each semester.  Other performance opportunities include singing the National Anthem at sporting events will be available and announced as soon as they are scheduled.  The class is semester long and will cover a  wide variety of genres of music.  All of these skills are learned in a Choral setting.

Computer Science Discoveries:

Using code.org, students are introduced to a problem solving process. Through a series of puzzles, challenges, and real world scenarios, they will learn how computers input, output, store, and process information. Later, students will learn basic html to develop a Webpage, also learning valuable skills such as debugging, commenting, and structure of language. This is a semester long course.


A 9 week course in which you will be introduced to the G.R.E.A.T program,Healthy Living, Bullying, Nutrition,and Making Smart Choices.  

Physical Education:

You will have Physical Education class 3 nine weeks and when not in PE you will have Health for the other 9 weeks.  You will be introduced to more advanced skills in team sports, as well as Lifetime sports, Fitness, movement and Large group games.  Be prepared to be active, move and have fun!


LMS STEM (Exploring Technology: 6th Grade)

This semester long course is centered around STEM education modules.  With over 12 different modules to choose from, students have the opportunity to combine hands-on labs with a self-paced online learning system. Students get to experience the connection between the math and science concepts with different careers that utilize those skills.  Some of the module titles include Engines, Robotics, Rocket Science, Forensic Science and Electricity

The classroom also has several 3D printers for students to use as they learn the basics of 3D printing and design.